Functional Programming

Generic aggregator actor in Scala AKKA

A generic actor for aggregating a fixed number of responses after broadcasting a request to a fixed set of actors.

Topic Specific PageRank simulation in F#

I use a random walker to estimate the Topic Specific (or Personalised) PageRank in a small network of web pages.

Scala Akka Tutorial: Merge Sort with Actors

Introductory tutorial for Scala and Akka implementing merge sort.

All pairs of elements from a list in F#

Generating all unique pairs in a functional programming fashion.

MapReduce with Agents in F#

MapReduce algorithm in F# using agents together with matrix multiplication as an example.

Reversing a list in Standard ML

Simple recursive function in Standard ML for reversing a list.

Folding infinite lists in Haskell

We take a look at some cases where one can fold an infinite list in Haskell.

Random walks in arbitrary dimensions in F#

Monte Carlo simulation of the Random Walker in n-dimensional space in F#.

Functional programming online resources

This is a collection of free online resources on functional programming.

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