Generic aggregator actor in Scala AKKA

A generic actor for aggregating a fixed number of responses after broadcasting a request to a fixed set of actors.

Rank-based Evaluator for Recommendations with Implicit Preference in PySpark

Implement a quality metric for recommendations with implicit preference based on the expected percentile ranking.

Map column values from strings to contiguous numbers in PySpark

Map string IDs to unique contiguous numeric IDs that are required by certain machine learning libraries.

Interactive data visualization with D3 and Knockout JS

An interactive and animated data visualization with multiple plots using D3 and a Knockout JS view model.

flatMapping a stream of promises in RxJS

This is a tiny experiment to understand how a stream of promises is flatMapped and whether the order in the input stream is preserved.

Unit Tests for ASP.NET MVC AppCache

Unit Tests for AppCache presented in previous post.

Caching data in ASP.NET MVC revisited

A Cache in ASP.NET MVC built on top of the HttpRuntime.Cache, allowing caching of synchronous and asynchronous methods, with or without locking.

WebClient wrapper in C#

A wrapper of the WebClient class that allows to set the timeout period.

IP Address helper in ASP.NET MVC

Helper class and plumbing for accessing the IP address of the client in and ASP.NET MVC application.

Dependency Injection in Action Filters in ASP.NET MVC

How to do dependency injection in action filters in ASP.NET MVC and avoid issues with reused filters.

Enum Memoizer in C#

A class for more efficient parsing of enums and conversion to strings.

Creating Windows Azure VM with MongoDB Docker Container Programmatically

A powershell script that creates a Windows Azure Ubuntu virtual machine with a MongoDB Docker container deployed to it.

Hyperparameter Grid Search across multiple models in scikit-learn

A helper class for running GridSearchCV accross multiple models in scikit-learn and comparing scores.

Flight routes graph database with Neo4j

Tutorial for populating and quering a Neo4j graph database with flight routes.

Isolating database data in Entity Framework Integration Tests

A quick way to make your integration tests clean up after themselves by wrapping them in an uncommitted transaction.

Standalone Neo4j Server Setup on Ubuntu 14.04

Notes on installing a single node Neo4j server on Ubuntu 14.04 and a workaround for switching between databases.

Hadoop 2.6.0 Cluster Setup on Ubuntu 14.04

Setting up Hadoop 2.6.0 on a small cluster of virtual machines running Ubuntu 14.04.

Topic Specific PageRank simulation in F#

I use a random walker to estimate the Topic Specific (or Personalised) PageRank in a small network of web pages.

Place your LaTeX thesis under version control with Mercurial and Bitbucket

Version, backup and easily share your LaTeX source files between computers with Mercurial and Bitbucket.

Scala Akka Tutorial: Merge Sort with Actors

Introductory tutorial for Scala and Akka implementing merge sort.

London Cycle Hire heat maps for parked bikes and empty docks

Visualization of the concentration of parked bikes and empty docks around London for the London Cycle Hire scheme.

London Cycle Hire data via the XML Type Provider in F#

Downloading and parsing London Cycle Hire data with the F# XML type provider

Debugging a localized ASP.NET MVC application

Add debugging information to localized strings appearing in ASP.NET MVC website.

RabbitMQ Tutorials in F#: 6. RPC

The sixth RabbitMQ tutorial rewritten in F# from C#: Remote procedure call implementation

RabbitMQ Tutorials in F#: 5. Topics

The fifth RabbitMQ tutorial rewritten in F# from C#: Receiving messages based on a pattern.

RabbitMQ Tutorials in F#: 4. Routing

The fourth RabbitMQ tutorial on rewritten in F# from C#: Receiving messages selectively.

RabbitMQ Tutorials in F#: 3. Publish/Subscribe

The third RabbitMQ tutorial rewritten in F# from C#: Sending messages to many consumers at once

RabbitMQ Tutorials in F#: 2. Work Queues

The second RabbitMQ tutorial rewritten in F# from C#: Distributing tasks among workers.

RabbitMQ Tutorials in F#: 1. Hello World!

The first RabbitMQ tutorial rewritten in F# from C#: The simplest thing that does something.

Data Science London Scikit-learn Kaggle competition part III

Greedy forward feature selection performing badly on the specific problem.

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